Monday, September 27, 2010


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Good:
1. Santana Moss- 6 catches for 124 yards and a TD. The only player on offense that seems to want to contribute
2. Phillip Daniels- Great block on the FG at the end of the half.. impressive
3. Brian Orakpo- Great chase down sack on Bradford. He will be on this list every week
4. Ryan Torain- Actually lets somebody tackle him before he goes down
5. Reed Doughty- Great play on special teams to force a fumble after a week of criticism

The Bad:
1. Mike Shanahan- Gotta get your team ready to beat a team that has lost 44 of 50 and 14 in a row at home
2. Clinton Portis- Come on, man. Stop falling down before you get tackled
3. Donavan Mcnabb- Outplayed by a rookie
4. Dick Stockton- I literally can't listen to him, considering the mute button in the future
5. Jim Haslett- He tries, but he just doesn't have the personnel for the 3-4 defense

The Ugly:
1. Stephon Heyer- Boy did the skins miss Trent Williams. Horrible holding foul on a big play to moss
2. Chris Cooley- He is supposed to be the biggest playmaker on the offense. Absolute no show
3. Danny Smith- Worst special teams coach in the league
4. Graham Gano- Kicked the opening kick out of bounds. Inexplicable
5. Carlos Rogers- Does he know he's allowed to start at the line of scrimmage?
6. Kareem Moore- Two horrendous open field tackle attempts that resulted in Rams TD's
7. Deangelo Hall- Shut Up
8. Albert Haynesworth- It's like he isn't even on the field
9. Roydell Williams- He is awful
10. Derrick Dockery- Didn't get a snap on Sunday