Monday, January 31, 2011

Lazy Ovi

Any chance that Alex didn't know the rule here? No. But it gives me a great excuse to use Donny's "clueless about simple rule" quote back in 2008:

"I've never been a part of a tie. I never even knew that was in the rule book. It's part of the rules and we have to go with it. I was looking forward to the next opportunity to get out there and try to drive to win the game. I hate to see what happens in the Super Bowl or I hate to see what happens in the playoffs. You have to settle with a tie."

How did this moment not happen with the Redskins? May have given Shanny better material than "cardiovascular endurance."

You Mean it's Not Nick's Bricks?

First off, I've been brewing up a few ideas of what caused Nick to make this face:
1. Andray Blatche let out a horrific and debilitating fart
2. He just saw Blatche's stat line (TO's)
3. He just saw his own stat line

In more relevant news, Nick Young is apparently blaming the coach's "play calling" on the Wizard's road woes.

"I don't know. We don't stay consistent with play calling," Young said. "It's crazy. It can't be us all the time. The same thing we run against the Thunder, we came out with a different plan. It can't be us every night."

The thing is, Nick, I am a little skeptical that Flip Saunders is calling for a little isolation action for you, followed by that interesting spin move fadeway shot with 21 seconds left on the shot clock. (Then again, that would be consistent play calling.)

I am a fan of Nick's improvement this season, but I'm not quite sure if he has any right to take a jab at the play calling.

Gilbert's Knee is Confused

Picture via misterirrelevant (click to enlarge)

Adam Scheftaaa Delivers the Goods

Distract yourself from the above picture for a minute as I relay to you the following outrageous quote from THE Adam Schefta.

"Mike Brown, who runs the Bengals and makes the decisions for that organization, had a chance three years ago to trade Chad Ochocinco for two first round draft picks to the Washington Redskins. And he told the Washington Redskins, don't even waste your time calling me, I will not trade him. Now you look at that right now and say, you could have gotten two first round picks for Chad Ochocinco, soon to be Chad Johnson, are you kidding me? You got to go make that deal. He wouldn't even listen to it. Wouldn't even entertain the idea of it."

Yes folks, one moronic owner called another to not just ask about the availability of a man named Chad Ochocinco, but to... oh what the hell... throw TWO first round offers at him. This really makes me wonder why the Redskins and the Bengals have been so unsuccessful over the past 20 years. It's called ignoring the draft. Snyder loves to dish out the draft picks, and Mike Brown refuses to take them. As a Redskin fan, lets take this as good news. There is new upper management now, and quite possibly a worse owner out there. Love you Mike Brown.


Yeah I know, its not technically the off-season yet, but once again the Redskins are putting their stamp on absolutely meaningless football. MeAngelo had a pick to go along with a fumble scoop and score to take down the game's MVP award. Something tells me that MeAngelo woke up today happier than he did during any point in the Redskins outstandingly awful 2010 campaign.

Remember, MeAngelo only has one thing on his mind. (And no, I know what you're thinking. He isn't good enough to ever bark these words.)

"I’m going to wherever the f***ing ball is going. Wherever the receiver is going, that’s where the f*** I’m going."

Haha, no MeAngelo. That simply is just not the case.