Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Likelihood of Kevin Durant to Washington in '16

I don't know. I really don't know. But I wish I knew. I've dreamt about it. They made the Finals. It was nice.

The Wizards and Thunder clash in D.C. tonight, as they do annually, so of course we need to talk about the chances that Kevin Durant chooses Washington on his next (and hopefully last) stop in route to the Hall of Fame. 

I started legitimately thinking and talking about this possibility in 2012, after John Wall returned from an 8 week hiatus from injury and led the Wiz to an impressive second half of the season, and we began to see what Brad Beal could do. The Wiz were 4-24 at one point in '12, and with Wall in the lineup, finished just short of .500 ball for the rest of the season. The hope began here. And the possibilities officially entered the mind. Dreaming about a free agent 4 years from now is a bit weird, I know, considering I have never thought about anything ever 4 years from a given point. 

In '13, the discussions became even more realistic when the Wiz won 44 games and a playoff series. And NOW, with Wall entering the MVP discussion, we can see the light. 

But just how realistic is this possibility? I did a little research (not really), and here are three reasons why he will come to D.C. in '16, and three reasons why he won't (bastard):

Why He Will:

1. D.C. is his hometown, you guys. 

You probably knew that, yeah? KD, like Lebron, still has plenty of ties to his hometown. The move Lebron made back to Cleveland last summer had to resonate with him. It's just human nature. Lebron went back to Cleveland to be even more of a hero than he already is, by delivering the first pro basketball title to the city. However you decide to look at it, that's fucking cool. And speaking of 'Bron, what a rivalry that would become. Arguably the 2 best players in the game, both playing for their hometown. You may be able to pencil in a Cavs/Wiz conference title showdown annually. Once again, that's cool. If Durant were to come to D.C. and deliver a title, it would be the 2nd in this town, the only other being in '79. Cool again.

2. John Wall and Bradley Beal 

This appears to be appealing. John Wall is a top 5 point guard today. I won't hear arguments against because of defensive efficiency. He's tops in the association and by a wide margin. He's 24. Brad Beal proved in the '14 playoffs he can ball. He also doesn't appear to demand touches. He's 21 (and appears to be mature for his age). 

Enter Durant, who in this case, would be the man. No worries about another dude taking 30 shots a night. A pure pass first point guard, and potentially elite shooting guard, and him. And hopefully some beasts up front (Gortat appears to be a part of this shindig in '16).

3. The NBA probably wants it

Look, this isn't really informational, but the NBA is fucking sketchy. I mean, they had a referee fixing games as recent as 8 years ago (including playoff games). Cleveland got the number one pick when hometown Lebron was entering the draft. They got it again so Lebron would go back to Cleveland. I mean hey, this thing started in '85 with Ewing to the Knicks. God I love to speculate.

But the idea of Lebron and Durant going back home as title contenders has to be fucking fascinating. And at least one of the franchises is big market (Cleveland sucks). Part of me truly believes the NBA will just say fuck it and will make it happen. Why the hell not?

Why He Won't:

1. It's D.C. sports, you guys.

How epic would it be, if Durant publicly stated 2 summers from now that it was down to the Wizards and one other team. And then Jim Gray takes the reigns for him in the ridiculous process on ESPN  and sets up "The Decision: Part II". And Durant goes elsewhere, because really fucking cool things don't happen to this sports town. 

2. New TV Deal

This really is a major player. New TV deal= increased salary cap. This means that other teams that just would be able to offer a max to Durant, may be able to offer a subsequent max deal to another player. This gives KD more options, and thus makes us sad.

3. The Thunder are good

This very well could be the ultimate factor. Maybe Durant loves Westbrook. Maybe he can't envision a life without the dude. It's possible. The media could be the only reason we all think KD hates that motherfucker. He probably does love the city. And they love him. 

The Thunder missed Durant & Westbrook for significant time this season to due injury, will likely be the 7th or 8th seed, and that's a fucking joke. It's not right, really. Golden State, due to winning 60 games, you now get Durant & Westbrook in round 1. Good luck.

After careful consideration, it's probably like 93/7 that he doesn't come to D.C. Thanks for reading, you guys.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back from the Dead: Your 2015 D.C. Sports Power Rankings (with extremely light optimism)

It's been roughly three years since we contributed to this consistently mediocre blog, but we're giving it another shot here in '15. Yeah, three. All feedback is welcomed and appreciated, even the bullshit. On we go.

Is there a better way to re enter the blogosphere than an official D.C. sports power rankings list? Don't think so, you guys. So we present to you, the official rankings of our local professional teams (and the Redskins):

6.  Washington Redskins

I've made the argument over the past few months, that at this time, the Redskins are arguably the worst franchise in the sport. I cringe when someone disagrees, to be honest. Sure, the Jaguars, Titans, Bucs, and Raiders finished with worse records in '14, the Jets are terds, and the Bills haven't made the playoffs in 15 years. But they ALL are infinitely better franchises today and moving forward.

The Redskins define dysfunction. They have since 2000, when Snyder officially put his ass wipe stamp on the franchise with a ridiculous fantasy football spending spree. Hiring and firing Marty Shottenheimer after 1 year when the culture appeared to be changing. Hiring Steve Spurrier (5-11, not too good!). Hiring Jim Zorn (side note: maybe funniest and most Redskin thing ever when Zorn's wife is heard by media on phone saying, "No, he's going to be the head coach!"). The RG3/Shanaclan utter fiasco.

I couldn't give two shits that they hired a "potentially brilliant GM". It's the Redskins. It's Dan Snyder. Talking, writing, even thinking about this franchise is nauseating.

5.     Washington Kastles
World Team Tennis. There are 7 franchises. I know one thing about the Washington Kastles: They are better than the Redskins. 

4.     D.C. United                    
Also better than the Redskins.

3. Washington Capitals
This one was tough. I was inclined to put the Capitals in the 2 spot, but just couldn't pull the trigger. The "choking dogs" Caps will be until a cup is raised. What new head coach Barry Trotz has done in his first year has been outstanding. Watching the Caps on a regular basis, there seems to actually be a complete system here. I'm not sure the Caps have really had a "complete system" in place in the Ovi era. They play offense, defense, and goal tend well. Imagine that. Trotz has been able to implement the defenseman creating offense while not getting burned defensively. Ovechkin has clearly bought in and is a plus goal differential player again. Johansson and Beagle have improved drastically. Holtby is a top 5 goalie. What's missing? Well, this is the regular season. The term "Choking dogs" doesn't get tossed around until Mid April.

2. Washington Nationals
The greatest starting rotation in history? Perhaps. Still a shaky bullpen and anemic playoff hitting? Yes! I do agree with every baseball pundit who states the Nats are a better team with the signing of Scherzer. I mean, how could they not? Assuming the rotation remains intact for '15, Gio Gonzalez would be the fifth starter. Dude won 20 games 3 years ago. There won't even be room for Tanner Roark, who won 15 games a season ago with a 2.85 ERA. That's insane. The move makes sense, really. Scherzer is the ultimate insurance for a likely Zimmermann departure. But rolling in to 2015 with Scherzer, Zimmermann, Fister, and Strasburg is downright scary.

My issues are pretty simple why the Nats are number two in D.C. And that is what I saw in the '12 and '14 playoffs. Drew Storen's utter collapse in '12, with another equally shitty performance in '14 (and he still appears to be the closer). They scored 9 runs in 45 innings against the Giants. That's almost not possible. The lineup has talent, but there are too many free swingers. I've watched enough baseball to know that is not a formula for playoff success. (Example, KC Royals offense finished '14 with fewest strikeouts, 1 game away from title). Not to mention their best reliever of the past 5 seasons, Clippard, has been shipped.

I still think they own the NL East, regardless of any subsequent transactions. They can ride with a superb staff, Rendon, Harper, Zimmerman, and Werth for the next few seasons and hopefully make some upgrades along the way.

1. Washington Wizards
The transformation of the Wizards franchise has been downright startling in a matter of 5 years. Speaking of 5 years ago, the Wizards employed Gilbert Arenas on a massive contract, who decided to go bat shit crazy and bring guns into the locker room for a fake face-off with future convicted murderer Javaris Crittenton. They also employed the "knuckleheads", (thanks Charles Barkley). Andray Blatche, Nick Young, and Javale McGee. Amazingly enough, all 3 are employed elsewhere across the association, but sure enough, they are all on shitty teams.

During those dark times, the Wiz were a joke, and GM Ernie Grunfeld seemed lost. One draft lottery win, followed by the dumping of the knuckleheads, followed by Brad Beal, followed by selective veteran acquisitions, and the Zards nearly sit atop the Eastern Conference half way through '14. Just amazing, really.

It is a weird feeling watching Wizards games today expecting victory. It still defies logic after where this franchise was 5 years ago. The Wizards are a legitimate threat to win the East. And, well, if Durant (OMG) comes calling in '16, depending on the league surroundings, the Wizards could be championship favorites. That is unfathomable. 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where the Nats stand after the deadline

Another trade deadline has passed, and the Nats once again are rather uneventful while occupying last place. The buzz following the team was centered around closer Drew Storen, who was reportedly being shopped for center fielder Denard Span. I, for one, am not the biggest fan of Drew Storen. He leaves his pitches up in the zone too often, especially his hanging slider. I have always thought Clippard was better suited to be the closer, and that should have made Storen available to other clubs.

The rumored trade for Span made sense. The Nats need a center fielder and a leadoff hitter, and they could have gotten both in one deal. Since coming to the nation's capital in '05, the Nats have not had a reliable leadoff hitter. Bernadina is the closest thing they have had to a legitimate leadoff hitter, but his inconsistency at the plate is concerning. Span, a career .289 hitter who plays above average defense, could have been a staple for the Nats future. The reason the deal didn't go through is because GM Mike Rizzo overvalues Storen. He has a better closer in Clippard, who flat out has better stuff.

The Nats could have been both buyers and sellers at the deadline, which makes sense for a last place team on the rise. I still am a firm believer that this team could be very good in 2-3 years. The only problem with that is Nats fans are sick of hearing about the future. The deal for Span would have immediately helped the team, and Rizzo's unwillingness to trade Storen really hurt them.

Sure, there is always next year's deadline, when the Nats will most likely be in the cellar of the N.L. East again.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're back! A slightly egregious look at Danny/Shanny offseason

I can only sincerely apologize to my avid readers for my disappearing act for the last 4 and a half months, and by that I mean all 7 of you. I hope I can refill that void in your life. My absence was justified, I assure you, as working a 45 hour work week and keeping up with a blog was just too much for me ( oh, and I seem to be quite lazy). So, what the hell, let us all reconvene and take a glance at the state of our current miserable D.C. franchises. And what better way to start then with our post-lockout 'Skins, who once again are putting their stamp on the offseason.

May I say first, I think we can all agree that the owners nor the players won the lockout. We did. The fans. Instead of waking up on Sundays feeling empty, looking for chores to do, or may I dare say, go shopping with our girlfriends or wives; we can set our alarms for 12:59, take about 8 steps to the living room, plop on the couch, and literally not move for 10 hours.

As for our Redskins, they never cease to amaze. Many fans like the moves they have made. Those fans are idiots. Yes, fatty is finally gone, but lets not throw a party yet. He was sent to New England, the one franchise that can resurrect the hopeless. Not to mention all those multi-millions that were spent on nothing but shit play, laziness, and distractions given away for a fucking 5th round pick. But wait, we got rid of McNabb! And? He was acquired for a 2nd and a 4th last year, and once again, shit play and distractions highlighted the move that forced the 'Skins to give him a way for a measly 6th rounder. Keep in mind that he was also moved to another NFC team, that surely will come back to bite them in the ass. I, for one, hope Donny tears it up in Minny. Why not? The Redskins deserve nothing else.

All in all, getting rid of Haynesworth and McNabb was a good thing. Two players that had to go got dealt. But in no way did the Redskins win here.

Shanny and Allen also chose to sign a bunch of mediocre and somewhat old wide receivers, like they need any more of those ( luckily, the Brandon Stokley signing fell through). Jabar Gaffney, a former draft pick of the 'Skins who only succeeded with Tom Brady, was re-acquired for Jeremy Jarmon, a major position of need. Why trade for another wide receiver while giving up a big dude that could help on possibly the biggest need on the team. It just doesn't make sense. Donte Stallworth is among those other receivers that were signed, and let us not forget he killed a dude not too long ago. And he's 30. So why? Odds are he won't even make the roster, but why waste your time? Isn't it supposed to be about the youth movement?

All is not lost, though. A trade for Arizona's Tim Hightower fills a position of need and gives some depth. They signed Chris Chester, a guard/center, to add some depth on the O-line, and released the often shitty Casey Rabach. The two best moves have clearly been snagging Stephen Bowen from the Cowboys, an up and coming defensive end, and Josh Wilson, a corner that can catch the ball. Not bad.

No matter what way we try to look at the current state of the Washington Redskins, it is officially Mike Shanahan's team. This could be good, or it could be disastrous. He doesn't exactly have the best track record regarding personnel. But one thing that is clearly missing is someone under center to run the show. I may be a confused young man, but my senses are telling me that John Beck's mullet and sexy Rexy aren't going to get it done.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Case You Didn't Get Enough of Javale

Javale Mcgee's Pathetic Triple Double

I haven't posted in awhile, and not due to lack of material, but more in an act of shear laziness. Then last night Javale Mcgee's desperate attempt at a triple double prompted me to get back into the game.

Like most D.C. sports fans, I was watching the Caps last night and completely dismissed the fact that the Wizards even existed. I went to the Zards' box score, as I always do, and saw that Javale had 11 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 blocks. Quite impressive, no? Like me, you would be wrong if you made that assumption.

With 3 minutes left, the Wizards continuously fed Javale the ball so he could get to 10 points to complete the milestone. Javale then proceeded to go on a relentless and determined tear in his quest for his first triple double. Three straight possessions, three straight Javale Mcgee isolation plays. In the future, let's refrain from ever doing that again. Air ball, turnover, clank off the backboard.

And if Javale couldn't make his attempt any more egregious, when he actually dunked and finished his quest, he then pulled himself up on the rim, receiving a technical foul (keep in mind, the Wizards were down 20 at this point).

Javale blocked 12 shots last night in an NBA game, so whatever way you look at, that is a positive. But this insanely irrelevant sequence of events was embarrassing.

I decided the Zards should keep Javale a few weeks back. But after the most "Javale Mcgee moment" thus far, I immediately rescind my opinion.

Friday, March 11, 2011