Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're back! A slightly egregious look at Danny/Shanny offseason

I can only sincerely apologize to my avid readers for my disappearing act for the last 4 and a half months, and by that I mean all 7 of you. I hope I can refill that void in your life. My absence was justified, I assure you, as working a 45 hour work week and keeping up with a blog was just too much for me ( oh, and I seem to be quite lazy). So, what the hell, let us all reconvene and take a glance at the state of our current miserable D.C. franchises. And what better way to start then with our post-lockout 'Skins, who once again are putting their stamp on the offseason.

May I say first, I think we can all agree that the owners nor the players won the lockout. We did. The fans. Instead of waking up on Sundays feeling empty, looking for chores to do, or may I dare say, go shopping with our girlfriends or wives; we can set our alarms for 12:59, take about 8 steps to the living room, plop on the couch, and literally not move for 10 hours.

As for our Redskins, they never cease to amaze. Many fans like the moves they have made. Those fans are idiots. Yes, fatty is finally gone, but lets not throw a party yet. He was sent to New England, the one franchise that can resurrect the hopeless. Not to mention all those multi-millions that were spent on nothing but shit play, laziness, and distractions given away for a fucking 5th round pick. But wait, we got rid of McNabb! And? He was acquired for a 2nd and a 4th last year, and once again, shit play and distractions highlighted the move that forced the 'Skins to give him a way for a measly 6th rounder. Keep in mind that he was also moved to another NFC team, that surely will come back to bite them in the ass. I, for one, hope Donny tears it up in Minny. Why not? The Redskins deserve nothing else.

All in all, getting rid of Haynesworth and McNabb was a good thing. Two players that had to go got dealt. But in no way did the Redskins win here.

Shanny and Allen also chose to sign a bunch of mediocre and somewhat old wide receivers, like they need any more of those ( luckily, the Brandon Stokley signing fell through). Jabar Gaffney, a former draft pick of the 'Skins who only succeeded with Tom Brady, was re-acquired for Jeremy Jarmon, a major position of need. Why trade for another wide receiver while giving up a big dude that could help on possibly the biggest need on the team. It just doesn't make sense. Donte Stallworth is among those other receivers that were signed, and let us not forget he killed a dude not too long ago. And he's 30. So why? Odds are he won't even make the roster, but why waste your time? Isn't it supposed to be about the youth movement?

All is not lost, though. A trade for Arizona's Tim Hightower fills a position of need and gives some depth. They signed Chris Chester, a guard/center, to add some depth on the O-line, and released the often shitty Casey Rabach. The two best moves have clearly been snagging Stephen Bowen from the Cowboys, an up and coming defensive end, and Josh Wilson, a corner that can catch the ball. Not bad.

No matter what way we try to look at the current state of the Washington Redskins, it is officially Mike Shanahan's team. This could be good, or it could be disastrous. He doesn't exactly have the best track record regarding personnel. But one thing that is clearly missing is someone under center to run the show. I may be a confused young man, but my senses are telling me that John Beck's mullet and sexy Rexy aren't going to get it done.

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