Sunday, October 24, 2010

Redskins/Bears: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:
1. Deangelo Hall- Cant say enough. He was a monster playmaker today, by far the most impactful player on the field today.
2. Ryan Torain- I will cut him some slack on the fumbles, he rushed for 100 yards for the second straight. CP's run with the redskins looks all but over
3. Santana Moss- Another pretty big game, contributing the only Redskins offensive TD
4. Albert Haynesworth- Made plenty of big plays, the defense looks good when he is at his best
5. Rocky Mcintosh- All over the place today, hes becoming extremely reliable
6. London Fletcher- Had his hand in another fumble today
7. Brian Orakpo- 2 more sacks today

The Bad:
1. Offensive Line- Mcnabb had no time to throw on multiple occasions
2. Mike Shanahan- Get that passing offense together

The Ugly:
1. Donavan Mcnabb- His performances are getting to be resemblant of JC17
2. Chris Cooley- Fumbled and dropped an easy one
3. Anthony Armstrong- Dropped one of Mcnabb's best passes of the day

Monday, October 18, 2010

Redskins/Colts: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:
1. Brian Orakpo- Another sack, this time with a forced fumble that gave the Skins life in the 3rd. Can't emphasize it enough, he is an incredible player.
2. London Fletcher- Huge hit on Addai that caused a fumble
3. Lorenzo Alexander- Continues to make big plays. This time- forced fumble off a bad Hunter Smith punt
4. Ryan Torain- Ran for 100 yards and 2 tds. Ran with passion, and was the life of the offense
5. Anthony Armstrong- Congratulations on his first NFL start, a great story
6. Keiland Williams- Don't know why he was in at the end, but contributed in cutting the lead to 3
7. Phillip Buchanon- Was phenomenal on Reggie Wayne to give the ball back to the skins in a position to win

The Bad:
1.Donavan McNabb- Erratic, and starting to become the theme this season. Hey shanny, please reconsider that long term deal
2. Santana Moss- Didn't have a bad game, and not a knock on him. Teams are starting to zone in on him and not let the big play happen, mostly because nobody else can beat them
3. Mike Shanahan- Didn't let Haynesworth play
4. Kyle Shanahan- offense has no consistency
5. Jim Haslett- Ouch, its becoming hard to watch teams methodically move down the field
6. Kareem Moore- A huge dropped INT and numerous missed tackles
7. Graham Gano- Missed a big kick. Lost by 3

The Ugly:
1. Carlos Rogers- No need for further explanation. He gets "The Ugly" all to himself this week

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Redskins/Packers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:
1. Laron Landry- The hero of the game. 13 tackles, a forced fumble, and the huge INT in OT. If only number 21 was with us.
2. Brian Orakpo- Best player on the field today, and that included Clay Matthews. Brian had 2 sacks, drew ANOTHER holding penalty, and would have had about 5 sacks if they called the rest of the holds. The sack in OT caused Fedex to erupt
3. Chris Cooley- Those broken tackles in the fourth quarter were unbelievable
4. Santana Moss- Hello, pro bowl. Another 100 yard day, quickly becoming Donavan's go to guy
5.Anthony Armstrong- Gave the skins a huge lift with that great TD catch
6. Graham Gano- Could have easily been in the ugly, but hey, he made that kick to tie the game, and that was enormous
7. Mike Sellers- Had 2 huge hits on special teams, and had a nice reception as well

The Bad:
1. Casey Rabach- Literally got owned by B.J. Raji and on multiple occasions.
2. Mike Shanahan- Why in God's name did he run that play at the end of regulation? Didn't learn from what the Cowboys did in week 1? Trent Williams also got injured on the play
3. Donavan Mcnabb- Missed several open recievers. Looked like JC17 for most of the first 3 quarters. Stepped up when it mattered though
4. Redskins offensive line- They were miserable today

The Ugly:
1. Carlos Rogers- Continues to drop crucial interceptions
2. Redskins running game- Torain was decent early, but Shanahan went away from him completely

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Redskins/Eagles: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

donovan_mcnabb_sm.jpg The Good:

1.Ryan Torain: 18 carries for 70 yards and a TD. D.C. may have found a back

2. Clinton Portis: He got hurt, but he ran harder than we have seen in a long time

3. The entire offensive line besides stephon heyer: I didnt hear anybody else's name. Thats a good thing

4.Deangelo Hall: The game ending pick, and pretty much shut down desean jackson

5.Brian Orakpo: He is fucking good. Got held on numerous occasions, and got to Kolb once

6. Brandon Banks: Showed a burst as a punt returner that we havent seen since Brian Mitchell

The Bad:

1. Mike Shanahan: Had to take 2 timeouts in the first minute of the second half. brutal

2. Kyle Shanahan: Clearly not on the same page as his father

3. Donavan Mcnabb: Got off to a great start, but missed plenty of open recievers

4. Anthony Armstrong: Inexplicably fell down after the bomb from Mcnabb. Ended up costing the skins a TD

5. Jim Haslett: Something just isn't right about this defense

The Ugly:

1. Stephon Heyer: Speaks for itself, a pink slip is in order

2. Josh Bidwell: A miserable performance may have Bidwell getting a pink slip as well

3. Carlos Rogers: Another dropped INT, would have ended the game, too

4.Santana Moss. Zero catches? how does that happen

5. Rocky Macintosh: Had quite a bit of missed tackles