Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Likelihood of Kevin Durant to Washington in '16

I don't know. I really don't know. But I wish I knew. I've dreamt about it. They made the Finals. It was nice.

The Wizards and Thunder clash in D.C. tonight, as they do annually, so of course we need to talk about the chances that Kevin Durant chooses Washington on his next (and hopefully last) stop in route to the Hall of Fame. 

I started legitimately thinking and talking about this possibility in 2012, after John Wall returned from an 8 week hiatus from injury and led the Wiz to an impressive second half of the season, and we began to see what Brad Beal could do. The Wiz were 4-24 at one point in '12, and with Wall in the lineup, finished just short of .500 ball for the rest of the season. The hope began here. And the possibilities officially entered the mind. Dreaming about a free agent 4 years from now is a bit weird, I know, considering I have never thought about anything ever 4 years from a given point. 

In '13, the discussions became even more realistic when the Wiz won 44 games and a playoff series. And NOW, with Wall entering the MVP discussion, we can see the light. 

But just how realistic is this possibility? I did a little research (not really), and here are three reasons why he will come to D.C. in '16, and three reasons why he won't (bastard):

Why He Will:

1. D.C. is his hometown, you guys. 

You probably knew that, yeah? KD, like Lebron, still has plenty of ties to his hometown. The move Lebron made back to Cleveland last summer had to resonate with him. It's just human nature. Lebron went back to Cleveland to be even more of a hero than he already is, by delivering the first pro basketball title to the city. However you decide to look at it, that's fucking cool. And speaking of 'Bron, what a rivalry that would become. Arguably the 2 best players in the game, both playing for their hometown. You may be able to pencil in a Cavs/Wiz conference title showdown annually. Once again, that's cool. If Durant were to come to D.C. and deliver a title, it would be the 2nd in this town, the only other being in '79. Cool again.

2. John Wall and Bradley Beal 

This appears to be appealing. John Wall is a top 5 point guard today. I won't hear arguments against because of defensive efficiency. He's tops in the association and by a wide margin. He's 24. Brad Beal proved in the '14 playoffs he can ball. He also doesn't appear to demand touches. He's 21 (and appears to be mature for his age). 

Enter Durant, who in this case, would be the man. No worries about another dude taking 30 shots a night. A pure pass first point guard, and potentially elite shooting guard, and him. And hopefully some beasts up front (Gortat appears to be a part of this shindig in '16).

3. The NBA probably wants it

Look, this isn't really informational, but the NBA is fucking sketchy. I mean, they had a referee fixing games as recent as 8 years ago (including playoff games). Cleveland got the number one pick when hometown Lebron was entering the draft. They got it again so Lebron would go back to Cleveland. I mean hey, this thing started in '85 with Ewing to the Knicks. God I love to speculate.

But the idea of Lebron and Durant going back home as title contenders has to be fucking fascinating. And at least one of the franchises is big market (Cleveland sucks). Part of me truly believes the NBA will just say fuck it and will make it happen. Why the hell not?

Why He Won't:

1. It's D.C. sports, you guys.

How epic would it be, if Durant publicly stated 2 summers from now that it was down to the Wizards and one other team. And then Jim Gray takes the reigns for him in the ridiculous process on ESPN  and sets up "The Decision: Part II". And Durant goes elsewhere, because really fucking cool things don't happen to this sports town. 

2. New TV Deal

This really is a major player. New TV deal= increased salary cap. This means that other teams that just would be able to offer a max to Durant, may be able to offer a subsequent max deal to another player. This gives KD more options, and thus makes us sad.

3. The Thunder are good

This very well could be the ultimate factor. Maybe Durant loves Westbrook. Maybe he can't envision a life without the dude. It's possible. The media could be the only reason we all think KD hates that motherfucker. He probably does love the city. And they love him. 

The Thunder missed Durant & Westbrook for significant time this season to due injury, will likely be the 7th or 8th seed, and that's a fucking joke. It's not right, really. Golden State, due to winning 60 games, you now get Durant & Westbrook in round 1. Good luck.

After careful consideration, it's probably like 93/7 that he doesn't come to D.C. Thanks for reading, you guys.

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