Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Javale Mcgee's Pathetic Triple Double

I haven't posted in awhile, and not due to lack of material, but more in an act of shear laziness. Then last night Javale Mcgee's desperate attempt at a triple double prompted me to get back into the game.

Like most D.C. sports fans, I was watching the Caps last night and completely dismissed the fact that the Wizards even existed. I went to the Zards' box score, as I always do, and saw that Javale had 11 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 blocks. Quite impressive, no? Like me, you would be wrong if you made that assumption.

With 3 minutes left, the Wizards continuously fed Javale the ball so he could get to 10 points to complete the milestone. Javale then proceeded to go on a relentless and determined tear in his quest for his first triple double. Three straight possessions, three straight Javale Mcgee isolation plays. In the future, let's refrain from ever doing that again. Air ball, turnover, clank off the backboard.

And if Javale couldn't make his attempt any more egregious, when he actually dunked and finished his quest, he then pulled himself up on the rim, receiving a technical foul (keep in mind, the Wizards were down 20 at this point).

Javale blocked 12 shots last night in an NBA game, so whatever way you look at, that is a positive. But this insanely irrelevant sequence of events was embarrassing.

I decided the Zards should keep Javale a few weeks back. But after the most "Javale Mcgee moment" thus far, I immediately rescind my opinion.

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