Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"A Dazzling Overtime Winner for the Great Eight"

First off, a phenomenal call by Joe Beninati. That was a vintage goal by Alex and a vintage call by Joe. Love it.

With the new additions of Sturm, Wideman, and Arnott, the Caps brought a whole new look to the Verizon Center last night. Except there was one problem: For 59 minutes they looked like the same old anemic offense that forced them to make the moves. Then lightning struck. With an empty net and 47 seconds to go, new Cap Jason Arnott found Brooks Laich at the net, and Laich pushed it past Islander goaltender Nathan Lawson. Good to get it to overtime, but we all know how the Caps usually fare in 4 on 4 play. The difference last night was Ovi took it into his own hands, and made a play that few others, if any, can make in the league.

So much for Alex being "out of shape". Check it out at 6 seconds, when Alex shoved the poor Islander defender out of his way to create space to go backhand. Incredible. That was Jordan getting to the rim, brushing off whatever obstacle was in his way. Alex was not going to be denied.

This is what the Caps have come postseason time that no other team possesses. The ultimate X- factor. The Caps can keep playing these low scoring games in April (and hopefully further), and be able to rely on an overpowering force in crunch time.

They may not score like years' past, but last night was as entertaining as they come.

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