Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lavar Arrington Writes About Hockey

I was browsing through Twitter today when I came across Lavar Arrington's profile. I then saw him advertise a blog post he wrote about the Capitals. I knew he wrote for the Washington Post as a blogger, and mostly about the Redskins. I had come across him posting about the Wizards a few times as well, but never did I run into a Capitals post, nor did I really want to.

I always read his "Hard Hits" blog posts, mostly because I like the title, and it's so Lavar. I always read his Redskins posts, and for good reason, considering that is the sport he actually played. I would even glance at what he has to say about the Wizards, and that's because I know he attends games. But the second I saw the Capitals post I immediately closed the window, having little to no interest about his views on hockey.

Sorry Lavar, I still love you. Get some!

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