Friday, March 11, 2011

Nyjer Morgan is a Giant Problem in Center Field, Not to Mention at the Plate

The Nats have made plenty of moves this offseason, while in the process addressing some big holes on their roster, and kudos to them for that. However, what I and I'm sure many other Nats fans may be feeling, is that Nyjer Morgan could be a potential liability come April.

Nyjer played a decent center field when he wasn't throwing his glove in disgust, or displaying his less than impressive arm. The bigger issue may lie with his bat. Nyjer once again will be the leadoff hitter, and that raises too many questions. Can he get on base? He had just a .319 OBP last season. More importantly, can he get on base without attempting a bunt? Nyjer struggled so much with the bat last season he tried to drag bunt entirely too much, further lowering his OBP and costing the Nats too many outs. He batted just .253, and the Nats are in dire need of more production out of the top of the lineup. With Zimmerman, Werth, and Laroche in the middle of the lineup, it is essential for him to be on base, and steal a few here and there.

Oh right, he also proved last season he has a short fuse, and got into trouble with the league via suspension. The Nats gave him the benefit of the doubt last season, and are giving him the chance this season to prove it was just an aberration.

Expect Nyjer to have a very short leash this season, and by that I mean like a month. If his numbers prove to be a liability come May the Nats will look elsewhere to fill their centerfield void.

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