Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rashard Lewis is Better Than Gilbert Arenas

Yeah, that's right. Just 3 years ago Gilbert Arenas was on the cover of NBA Live. The more I think about it, the more it seems like a generation ago that he was good, and maybe even great.

Today I thought it had been long enough since the trade occurred between the Zards and the Magic that we can finally look at how it panned out. And by looking at the stats, it hasn't panned out very well for the Magic. Sure he's playing about 13 less minutes a game, but he is still the number one guy off the bench for them.

Here are Gilbert's stats since joining Orlando:

PPG: 8.0
SPG: 0.8
FG PCT:34.4
3PT FG PCT: 26.4
FT PCT:72.1

Ouch. I'll leave the points and assists per game alone because of the lack of minutes compared to in D.C. But his shooting percentages are just downright miserable. 34 percent from the field is very bad for a guard (one that shoots a lot too), his 3 point percentage is at the point where he should be told not to hoist any more up, and even his free throw percentage has dipped to very low levels.

Rashard Lewis' stats since joining Washington:

FG PCT:44.6
3 PT FG PCT:34.7
FT PCT:84.3

Well there you go, folks. Lewis clearly has been much more productive since joining the Wiz, and the percentages alone confirm that.

At first I was skeptical about the deal, mostly because I thought they were getting a lesser player in return. I thought Arenas could begin to return to his former self with better players around him. I was dead wrong. And I'm glad that I was. Gil has just become a guard that plays little to no defense who shoots the rock very poorly. Odds are he won't be a significant contributor come playoff time.

Let's look at it this way. The Wiz traded up a washed up player with more years and way more money on his contract than what they got back. They have gotten significantly better production from Lewis (even though he is currently injured).

The deal officially gets the thumbs up. As bad as Gilbert has been with the Magic, odds are he won't single handedly destroy the franchise like he did in D.C.

Thanks again, Gil.

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