Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Current Wizards' Roster: Keep or Dump?

The Zards' are winless since the All Star break, and for the most part have been getting clobbered in the process. Due to the recent developments, I thought I'd take a look at the current roster, and be the verdict on who stays and who goes. There clearly is change needed, so don't expect to see too many "keeps".
  • Andray Blatche: Andray is skilled, big, and athletic. He is also lazy, kind of fat, and has a poor work ethic. Seven Day Dray is the definition of "dead weight". He is the black hole of the offense. He is the poor man's Al Harrington. I think you know where I'm going with this one. VERDICT: Dump
  • Nick Young: I've probably posted more on Nick Young than any other Wizard, and I only counted one positive post. Nick can shoot the rock, and he can jump out of the building. As you already know, he doesn't pass, and he is as inconsistent as they come. Nick maybe could be a third guy off the bench for a good team, but that is pushing it. VERDICT:DUMP
  • Trevor Booker: Trevor is an interesting 'fella. He isn't very polished, but he too can jump out of the building, and he hustles like Michael Ruffin in his glory days. Whenever one of the first things you notice about a player is how hard he goes on the floor, he should be part of the future. VERDICT:KEEP
  • Jordan Crawford: Brought over in the Hinrich deal, Jordan too is a raw player. But he is a scorer, and he's young. He should have some time to prove himself, so let's take a further look at him in '12. VERDICT:KEEP
  • Maurice Evans: Also brought over in the Hinrich deal, Maurice is a hard worker. Throughout his years in Atlanta, he came to work everyday and just did his job. Problem is, he's old, and has no role in the rebuilding process. Sorry, Maurice. VERDICT:DUMP
  • Josh Howard: I've always liked Josh as a player, but he is fragile and old. Once again, there is just no room for him. He's also a pothead. Not a good combination. VERDICT:DUMP
  • Rashard Lewis: I wasn't a fan of what the Wizards' got back for Arenas in Lewis, but they had to get rid of Gil's salary, so no harm done. Rashard is a big man that stays on the perimeter, shoots three's, and plays no defense. He is exactly what the Wiz don't need in a player. VERDICT: DUMP
  • Cartier Martin: Cartier doesn't play too much, but he can shoot. And when building a winner, you need shooters. Let's take another look. VERDICT: KEEP
  • Javale Mcgee: Javale is a tough one to understand. The sky is the limit athletically, but his rawness is mystifying. Will he ever develop? Who knows. But we have to find out. VERDICT:KEEP
  • Hamady Ndiaye: I'm not going to lie. I know nothing about this guy. I know he is young and big, but most likely sucks. VERDICT:DUMP
  • Kevin Seraphin: I like Kevin a lot, and not only because we share the same name. He's big, and quite polished. With the right coaching, could become something. VERDICT:KEEP
  • Mustafa Shakur: Just like Hamady, I don't know much about Mustafa, except they have terrible names. He's only been on the roster for a handful of games, so the jury is still out. VERDICT: KEEP
  • Al Thornton: Al hasn't quite shown what we thought he might this season, and that's really disappointing. He too, like Howard, is always hurt, and jacks up a ton of shots. VERDICT: DUMP
  • Yi Jianlian: As much as I love Yi for his asian-ness, he's just not very good. He has somewhat of an effective mid-range game, but his slow moving body impedes that. Sorry, Yi. VERDICT:DUMP
  • John Wall: Hold on for dear life. The Wiz have 3 years to prove to him they can build a winner, or else he's long gone. Get cracking, Ted and Ernie. VERDICT:KEEP

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