Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vinny Cerrato is Irrational

Vinny. Oh Vinny. You are no longer affiliated with the Redskins' organization. You are now an afterthought, and your views about anything are completely irrelevant to anyone and everyone that is associated with the Redskins. In case you missed it on "The Mike Wise Show", enjoy:

"When we started out, we're 6-2 and the guy's doing a good job," Cerrato said. "But then I think ego got into play and then he stopped listening to coaches, became a celebrity. I mean, that's when Rush Limbaugh's on the sideline, he had all these people on the sideline. Give me a break. Just worry about Clinton Portis, Chris Samuels. Worry about the next team. To me, that's what happened. We're 6-2, we're on a run, and all you people in the newspaper were saying Dan finally got it right, hired a great coach, blah blah blah, and then see how fast you guys turned?"

Are you serious? First of all, you hired him, dude. Don't pin all of that on Snyder. You were a premiere decision maker, and no one is quite sure why. Second of all, ego? You really want to say that the innocent Jim Zorn had too big of an ego? Do you know what that word means, Vin? You always had the biggest ego in whatever room you were in.

I also have no recollection of Zorn "becoming a celebrity", whatever that means. Vinny, the reason things went south is because Jimmy Zorn was a bad head football coach. He was a bad head football coach hired by a bad General Manager. The sooner you realize that, the better off we will all be.

Oh, and shut the hell up.

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